The New ThinkPrivacy

Welcome to the new ThinkPrivacy. We’ve decided to stick around, but needed to make some changes.

We’ve moved. We’re no longer using the .ch domain and have moved to our .net domain (we’d like to acquire the .com in the future when possible).

We’re also moving things around a little. You’ll notice the home page is blogs now (yes, most of these are from my days writing blogs) but soon you will see much more new, original content here such as product reviews and news.

The recommendations are still here, and you’ll find those in the navigation section above. We want to find a way to make us a bit more unique than simply a list of products and services, and as a writer by trade, creating more of a blog felt natural.

So please bookmark us and come back regularly. Check us out on Twitter @thinkprivacy_ and we should soon have a new Mastodon account open.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for always supporting us.