5 online shopping tips to keep your financial data secure

Safely shopping online does go beyond simply ensuring your payment information is sent securely. If we’ve learned anything in the last decade, it’s that even the largest companies on the planet are vulnerable to massive data breaches.

What else is there? If you’re on a secure site, how can you ensure that you are safely shopping and not only risking your personal information but also not being tracked?

Here are five tips for a secure holiday shopping experience:

  1. Use a unique password for every online store

You may spend your holiday’s shopping on various e-commerce sites this year and each of them should have their own unique login. If one of the sites is compromised and they access your email/username and password, you don’t want that information to be usable anywhere else.

Setting up a simple password manager can help you securely manage all your unique passwords, and even help you create them, so that if you’re compromised, you only have one password to worry about changing.

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