Checking for HTTPS to make sure a website is secure

With the pandemic still growing around the world, it will be little surprise that online shopping will likely see one of its biggest years ever. However, with more shopping being done online comes more risk to one’s privacy, and security.

While most people will use more well-known online e-commerce sites, when visiting an online store you’re not as familiar with, there are precautions you must take when it comes to payments and personal information.

Each year, there seems to be the must-have but also sold out item that traditionally you may spend countless hours driving from store to store to find. This year, you may find yourself on Startpage frantically searching for an online store that has one left. But, how do you know when you find that one store that has one that your information, especially your credit card information is secure?

While there are a few ways to ensure the business you’re buying from is reputable, such as searching the on the Better Business Bureau in the US or online reviews from other shoppers, one thing you must look for is a lock symbol in the address bar and ensure you’re visiting a site that begins with HTTPS:// rather than HTTP://.

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