How Startpage keeps your search secure with SSL

When it comes to privacy respecting software and services from search engines, to email, and even VPNs, the discussion focuses heavily on logging, and what the provider stores about you, the user. And rightfully so, however, you’re using Startpage and you already know they don’t log you searches, or IP address, or any other identifying information.

But what you might not know is that they also go further to protect your privacy. By now, you’ve likely noticed the increased talk about HTTPS vs HTTP, if not, read about how to know if the website you’re visiting is secure.

HTTPS sites are considered secure, which means they help protect users from snooping eyes trying to steal data during a transfer, they call this a Man-in-the-Middle attack. In short, this would take place on an unsecure site, in which say you’re entering credit card information on page 1, while that data is being sent to the credit card processor, a hacker sets up a tool to watch for those numbers to be sent to across the web and picks them up, stealing your credit card info.

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