How to make your mobile device more secure

While a lot of focus on mobile security and privacy has been placed on activists around the world attending protests, you don’t have to be a social or political activist to care about mobile phone privacy.

The truth is, keeping your mobile phone secure, and private is good practice for anyone. First and foremost, having your phone stolen could mean someone has access to your bank accounts, credit cards, emails, and many other account types. This is why you should have a long, complicated passkey to open your phone, use setting that automatically wipe your device after 10 failed login attempts, and for important applications such as credit card and banking info, ensure you’re not left logged in and must log in every time.

Following physically stealing your phone, knowing the apps you have installed are safe, legitimate, and trustworthy is a good step as well. This is something you can routinely do to ensure you have a safe and clean device.

Now, I am an iOS user, so most of what I will describe will sound most familiar to Apple users, but I will provide links to Android tutorials as well because what I am describing is available on almost all modern mobile devices.

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