Privacy vs Security – What’s the difference?

For many, privacy and security seem to be words that are interchangeable. We hear users discuss how they love a certain product or service because of the security it provides, and just assume that this means they also have the utmost privacy. You can also hear people complain about the lack of privacy, and then imply that this means there is no security.

Instead, we should be thinking about how privacy and security can work together but are not mutually exclusive. For example, some of the biggest Big Tech companies offering free email services has some of the best security. The content of your emails on their servers are generally safe from hackers, and you don’t have to worry too much about their servers being compromised.

Now, what these Big Tech giants don’t offer is privacy. A simple request from law enforcement, and your emails are being turned over, but more than that, these Big Tech companies are mining your email data for ad revenue. They can monitor your purchase history, sites you have memberships with, and what kind of topics you’re emailing about.

Your emails are secure on their servers, but they offer no privacy.

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