New ThinkPrivacy Domain

Over the course of 2020, will transition to In the process, we have also secured The .net and .io domains will immediatly begin forwarding to .ch.

We are making this move because of the security and ethical concerns surrounding the .io domains.

According to, which is moving to .net domains as well:

.io domains

There are two major problems with .io domains:

The first is that the islands which should own the domain suffix, don’t, thanks to a wonderful piece of modern day British Imperialism. If you ever feel the need to donate to us, please give it to a more worthy cause.

Secondly, there was a security issue with the .io domain. In 2017, a researcher managed to take control of four of the seven authoritative name servers for the .io domain. We accept that mistakes can happen, strong processes limit the chances of them happening, but they still can.

When deciding which domain to move to, we chose .ch and .net for a few reasons. First, the .com is taken by what looks like a defunct website, but we are not in the financial position to make a purchase of what is likely an expensive domain. Nor do we feel we need it. We secured .net because it was available, which made it more than affordable.

Ultimatly, we ended up landing on .ch because while we don’t necessarily see our site as under any immediate threat of US seizure, a .ch domain removes that risk and provides an added layer of security.

Currently, our email addresses to the .io will still work and we will move to .ch in the coming days, from there, the .io will forward until we kill off the domain in January of 2021.