Corporate Surveillance: How Big Tech tracks your online activity

When internet privacy is discussed, a lot of people claim they don’t worry about it because they have nothing to hide. There are a few problems with this argument, and I won’t unpack them all here, but some are that “nothing to hide” is subjective to who is watching you. You might not be doing anything illegal, yet, but around the world we’ve seen governments change hands and freedoms vanish overnight. But it also only focuses on government surveillance and forgets that privacy is more than just what the government is interested in.

Corporate surveillance is a massive invasion of one’s privacy, Big Tech consisting of non-private search engines, social media platforms and e-commerce giants know everything from your favorite restaurants, to your relationship status, to your health issues.

I have even heard people say they don’t mind sharing this personal information it because it helps delivers them ads more relevant to their interests. And that they like the “personalization.”

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