ThinkPrivacy was a project maintained by author, journalist, and privacy advocate Dan Arel. This site serves no tracking software. We have no idea who you are, and we want to keep it that way.

This site was designed to help everyday internet users, activist, journalists, and anyone else find apps that help make privacy easier. There are lots of amazing apps out there that advanced users swear by but are not user friendly, and for the most part those are skipped here. We test and recommend the ones that we know we can say “download this, it will work” and not something that’s going to take a user 3 weeks to learn.

The site’s sole purpose was to make it easier for you to find software and tools that allow you to keep your life as private as you want. Big corporations offer you “free” products, but at what price? Sure, you don’t give them a credit card, but you are giving them a lot of personal information they use to turn a profit with. With these tools, we can help you reduce or outright stop that practice.

Some things to know

Every piece of software or solution on this site has been tested by us or someone we trust. This site will only recommend software and tools we can stand behind. While developers can offer free trials or accounts to us, that won’t help them get listed. If we get a free account and it does not meet the site’s standards, it won’t be listed.

We also hold tech accountable. We will not recommend products when their board, CEO, or any level of ownership demonstrate racist, sexist, bigoted, or xenophobic beliefs.